Galdra Studios is a Danish video game company that are working on their debut title, Arcadia Fallen. Their aim is to explore narrative in games and create impressive interactive experiences that combines narrative and interaction.

Arcadia Fallen is a lighthearted Roleplaying experience with bright anime-aesthetics that doesn't pull its punches when it comes to matters of the heart or live and death. It features a dramatic yet optimistic story wherein everyone is flawed, but no one is defined by their flaws.

When a young alchemist apprentice is unwillingly bound to an illegal spirit, they suddenly find themselves drawn into a war between humanity and magic, and must join a group of unlikely heroes to escape their own doom, hopefully saving the world along the way.

Experience a Modern Fantasy Visual Novel, where your choices shape the personality of your character. Will you be shy, bold, or the one forever making jokes?

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Galdra Studios
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Arcadia Fallen
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